sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

"Drying the Fountain" , by Filipa Esteves, 2011

This work is a tribute to Bruce Nauman's work.

Titel of the work: Drying the Fountain

Media: Video

Duration of the Video: around 15minutes with looping during the exhibition time.

My work is based on the artists Bruce Nauman and his piece “Self-portrait as a Fountain”.

I have chosen this work first of all because this artist has been a inspiration for me since long time ago.

Second of all I looked into some of my old ideas, where I found a video that made me see a bridge between this video and “Self-portrait as a Fountain”, picture of Bruce Nauman.

This video that I made in 2009, was mainly about Tension, Time and the quantity of water inside of our body. In my point of view, in this work, I also perceive time, dynamic and the amount of water carried in Bruce Nauman's mouth spiting it out to get the perfect picture.

For the this exhibition I have chosen to present a video, where I will be constantly drying out my tongue with a napkin, till it gets totally wet. In this way presenting in a shot moment, what is for me a essence of being a fountain in our own body.

Filipa Esteves, 2011

Bruce Nauman, "Self-portrait as a Fountain".

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